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Anna Petrus, Bronze and iron andirons. <br>Sweden, 1927
Axel Einar Hjorth 'Lovö', pair of Swedish pine armchairs. <br>Sweden, 1932
Paavo Tynell. <br>Floor lamp in sycamore engraved with geometrical pattern, brass base and top.<br> Finland, circa 1950
Oskar Kaufmann.<br>Pair of sconces created for Leo Lewin's Villa in Breslau in Poland. <br>Germany, 1917
Svend Hammershøi. Ceramic vase.<br> Kähler workshop, Denmark, 1940s
2020 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
Paavo Tynell. Eight-light brass chandelier. Finland, circa 1950
School of Lina Bo Bardi. Sofa in peroba rosa, linen upholstery. Brazil, circa 1950
Boréns workshop. Brass floor lamp, adjustable reflector. Sweden, circa 1950
Hans Wegner. Oak armchair with leatherette upholstery. Denmark, 1959
2019 - FIAC Paris Design Section
Greta Magnusson Grossman. « Good Design Chair». Chair in American walnut.<br> USA, 1952<br>©ARTS&SCIENCE
Ilmari Tapiovaara. « Pirkka» collection chair in birch and pine.<br> Finland, 1960<br>©ARTS&SCIENCE
Sigvard Bernadotte. Small sycamore sofa.<br> Denmark, circa 1950 <br>©ARTS&SCIENCE
Hans Wegner. Oak armchair with original black leather upholstery.<br> Denmark, 1959<br>©ARTS&SCIENCE
2019 - "10 CHAIRS" exhibition / Arts & Science Tokyo
Terence Harold Robsjohn-Gibbings. «Mesa», light American walnut table.<br>
Widdicomb workshop, USA, designed in 1951 Ink date October 1952
Bertil Söderberg. Mohair velvet sofa,sycamore feet.<br>
Manufactured by Nordiska Kompaniet workshop Sweden, 1944
Paavo Tynell. Brass floor lamp Designed for the Teekkarikylä <br>Residence of the Technology University in Ottaniemi, Helsinki
Finland, circa 1950
Widdicomb Company, archives
2019 - Design Miami/Basel
Ernest Boiceau.<br> Three-drawer chest of drawers in thuja burl veneer, inside of the drawers in mahogany,<br>
crosspieces and handles in nickel silver, nickeled bronze feet.<br>
Engraved signature EBoiceau on one foot.<br> France, 1929
Eugène Printz & Jean Dunand.<br> Pair of lamps, copperware shades with geometrical
and dots silver highlights.<br> White lacquered metal bases.<br> France, circa 1930
Vilhelm Lauritzen.<br> Sycamore sofa, wool and linen upholstery.
Made by cabinetmaker Jacob Kjær. <br>Denmark, circa 1930
Hilda Polsterer. <br>“Parade” tapestry
Unique piece made by Coupé workshop in Aubusson.<br>
Signed to edge. France, 1929
Ernest Boiceau.<br> Pair of nickeled bell metal vases, porphyrite bases in the shape of stars.<br>
Engraved signature EBoiceau on one vase. France, 1928
2019 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
Frank Lloyd Wright.
Rudolph Schindler
Ash coffee table,<br> top decorated with an Ossip Zadkine fresco on porcelain tiles created by ceramicist<br> Carol Janeway
Designed for Kallis House in Los Angeles, USA, 1946
Grete Prytz Kittelsen. Silver and enamel vase. Norway, circa 1960
Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm Table in steel and wenge<br>Designed for Bo-Ex, Denmark, 1960s
Tommi Parzinger. Pair of six-light floor lamps in chrome-plated metal.<br>USA, circa 1950
2018 - FIAC Paris Design Section
Jacques Adnet and Jacques Lenoble.<br> Solid oak coffee table, ceramic and cement top created by Jacques Lenoble<br>
France, 1940s
Kurt Versen. Copper and brass strips table lamp. USA, circa 1935
Peter Danko. Oak bench. USA, 1973
Russel Wright. Sculpted olive wood bowl. USA, 1935
2018 - Design Miami/Basel
Ilmari Tapiovaara. Oak table, carved slate top, Finland, circa 1955
Paavo Tynell. Two copper chandeliers, Finland, 1954
Ilmari Tapiovaara. Two easy chairs
Birger Kaipiainen. Glazed ceramic, Finland, circa 1970
2018 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
Egon Eiermann. wicker seat, painted steel structure, wood feet,<br> unique piece, Germany, 1956
Hi-Gruppen. Light mahogany circular table, base stamped Lars Larsson,<br> enamelled ceramic table top signed P. Törneman, Sweden, 1971
Roger Sprunger.Three-drawer desk in oak and chrome, <br>Dunbar workshop metal tag in one drawer, USA, circa 1970
Angelo Lelii. Floor lamp in lacquered metal, steel, brass and satiny opaline,<br> Arredoluce workshop, Model 12705, Italy, 1954
2017 - FIAC Paris Design Section
John Lautner. Floor lamp in patinated and red lacquered steel, brass reflector<br>USA, 1939
Mario Ceroli. Russian pine wood console, Artist signature on the side<br>Poltronova workshop, Pistoia, Italy, 1972
Samuel Marx. Table lamp made from hemp rope, natural silk shade<br>USA, 1940
2017 - Design Miami/Basel
Uno Åhrén. “The Garden of Eden” Cabinet in marquetry, Sweden, 1924
Folke Bensow. Cast iron table and Swedish marble top, Sweden, circa 1925
Carl Malmsten. Chair in marquetry of rosewood and mahogany, Sweden, 1926
2017 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
“Sandhamn”, pair of Swedish pine tables Sweden, circa 1930
Floor lamp in sycamore engraved with stylized pine tree pattern
Brass base and top, Finland, circa 1950
Swedish pine couch, woven wool cushion
Sweden, circa 1930
Brass hanging lamp made up of nine perforated reflectors
Finland, circa 1950
2016 - Design Miami/Basel
Paul László. Black varnished sycamore lamp<br> Shade created by the textile artist Maria Kipp USA, circa 1950
T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings. Cocktail couch, handwoven wool upholstery<br>Boxwood base, USA, 1948
Tommi Parzinger. Natural oak coffee table<br>
USA, circa 1950
John Lubberts & Lambert Mulder. 
Sophisticate by Tomlinson Collection<br> 
Pair of lounge chairs in walnut and canework, 
USA, circa 1950
Philip & Kelvin Laverne. Eternal Forest coffee table<br>Patinated bronze and pewter, signed on top, USA, circa 1960
2016 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
<p>Ilmari Tapiovaara. Freeform set composed of one sofa and two seats upholstered with linen fabric<br /> Dark birch plywood structure. Finland, 1951</p>
<p>Renzo Rutili. Two-part coffee table in lemon tree wood and mahogany marquetry <br />Johnson Furniture Company. USA, circa 1955</p>
<p>Paavo Tynell. Brass floor lamp, with two perforated reflectors, leather hold. <br />Finland, circa 1950</p>
<p>Tor Wolfenstein. Organic shaped sofa in grey mohair velvet with sycamore feet <br />Ditzinger workshop, Sweden, circa 1940</p>
2015 - Design Miami/Basel
Hans Wegner. Four-drawer and two-door oak cabinet, sliding doors carved with stylised motifs
<br>Mikael Laursen workshop, Denmark, 1942
<p>Mogens Lassen. Foldable table, Cuban mahogany and white lacquered wood<br /> Unique piece made for cabinetmaker K. Thomsen. Denmark, 1942</p>
<p>Carl Malmsten. White and pink lacquered sideboard <br />Patinated bronze handles executed by Herman Bergman. <br />Signed “CM”. Sweden, circa 1925</p>
<p>Michael Schilkin. Enamelled stoneware sculpture, signed ´Schilkin´<br /> Finland, circa 1940</p>
2015 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
<p>Hans Wegner. Two-drawer desk in oak, teak and steel,</p>
<p>oak and brown leather chair. Denmark, 1954 and 1959</p>
Birger Kaipiainen. Ceramic platter. Finland, circa 1970
Paavo Tynell. Brass and light mahogany table lamp. Finland, circa 1950
2014 - Design Miami/Basel
<p>Uno Åhrén. Two high back chairs, one in darkened pear tree wood</p>
<p>and one in Cuban mahogany. Sweden, 1925</p>
 Philip & Kelvin LaVerne. <em>Lovers</em> , coffee table in patinated bronze. USA, 1963
<p>Anna Petrus. Pewter and mirror table centrepiece, frame engraved with</p>
<p>pastoral pattern. Sweden, 1928</p>
2014 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
<p>Mogens Lassen. <em>Egyptian,</em> table in tulip wood, elm wood and brass.</p>
<p>Denmark, circa 1940</p>
Freeform coffee table in muiracatiara. Brazil, circa 1950
<p>Phillip Lloyd Powell. Mirror-console in American walnut, gold leaf</p>
<p>and mirrored glass. USA, 1963</p>
2013 - Design Miami/Basel
 Bertel Gardberg. Silver and hard stones boxes. Finland, 1966
<p>Jacob Tostrup Prytz. Silver-plated metal and painted metal floor lamp. </p>
<p>Norway, circa 1930</p>
 Grosfeld House. Pair of lucite armchairs. USA, circa 1940
2013 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
 “Lovö”. Pair of Swedish pine armchairs. Sweden, 1932
 “Utö”. Swedish pine table. Sweden, circa 1930
 “Lovö”. Two-door Swedish pine cabinet. Sweden, circa 1932
 “Sandhamn”. Bench in Swedish pine worked with gouge. Sweden, 1931
 “Sandhamn”. Sofa in Swedish pine worked with gouge. Sweden, 1929
2013 - Axel Einar Hjorth / Sportstugemöbler
Grete Prytz Kittelsen. Norway, 1955-1960
<p>Paavo Tynell. Four-light brass chandelier with perforated reflectors. </p>
<p>Finland, circa 1950</p>
 Axel Einar Hjorth.
 Birger Kaipiainen. Ceramic platter. Finland, circa 1970
 Axel Einar Hjorth.
2012 - Design Miami/Basel
Børge Mogensen. Oak table with slate top. Denmark, 1951
<p>Georg Find Christensen. Mural sculpture composed of five carved wood pieces.</p>
<p>Denmark, circa 1950</p>
<p>Frank Lloyd Wright. Table lamp in Oregon pine wood and rhodoïd.</p>
<p>USA, early 1950´s</p>
2012 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
Wilhelm Wagenfeld. Prototype of lamp in silver-plated metal
<p>and lacquered aluminium. Germany, 1952</p>
 Alvar Aalto. Prototype ceiling lamp designed for the Maison Louis Carré. 
 Finland, 1958
 Jørgen Gammelgaard. Oak and leather rocking chair. Denmark, 1961
Gunnar Asplund. Walnut sofa. Sweden, circa 1935
2011 - Design Miami/Basel
<p>Jean-René Gauguin. Stoneware urn surmounted by an imaginary animal</p>
<p>in “ceramic rock”. Denmark, circa 1930</p>
<p>Christen Emanuel Monberg & Axel Salto. Side table with a painted ceramic tiles top.</p>
<p>Denmark, 1923</p>
<p>Christen Emanuel Monberg & Axel Salto. Two-door sideboard with painted</p>
<p>ceramic tiles top. Denmark, 1923</p>
 Axel Einar Hjorth. Solid swedish pine table. Sweden, 1932
2011 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
Brass chandelier. Finland, circa 1950
Brass table lamp. Finalnd, circa 1950
Brass floor lamp. Finland, circa 1950
Pair of perforated brass sconces. Finland, circa 1950
 Brass floor lamp, natural leather handle. Finland, circa 1950
2010 - Paavo Tynell
Frank Lloyd Wright. Pair of patinated copper tables. USA, 1953
 T-H. Robsjohn-Gibbings. <em>Mesa,</em> large scale table in American walnut. USA, 1949
<p>Dean Bryant Vollendorf. Plywood adjustable writing table and chair.</p>
<p>USA, 1960´s</p>
2010 - Design Miami/Basel
<p>Lloyd Wright. Three armchairs and one ottoman in American walnut.</p>
<p>USA, circa 1955</p>
 Paavo Tynell.
Oscar Nilsson. Oak cabinet. Sweden, circa 1940
<p>A.E Hjorth. Table and chair in swedish pine. Sweden, 1932<br />Anna Petrus. Pewter table lamp. Sweden, 1927</p>
<p>Estrid Ericson. Pair of pewter fallow deer. Sweden, 1930</p>
2010 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
 Jens Harald Quistgaard. Oak set, table and chairs. Denmark, 1963
 Lina Zervudaki. Rattan and iron chaise longue. France, 1935
 Helge Vestergaard Jensen. Light mahogany and ceramic table. Denmark, 1966
2009 - FIAC Paris Secteur Design
 Richard Neutra. Nine-drawer desk in sycamore. Logar Residence, USA, 1951
<p>Carlo De Carli. Wooden lacquered ivory table, base encircled by brass.</p>
<p>Italy, circa 1960</p>
 James Mont. Pair of lounge chairs in blackened pear wood. USA, circa 1950
2009 - Design Miami/Basel
 Axel Einar Hjorth. “Utö”, sanded solid oak sofa. Sweden, 1931
 Nils Fougstedt. Table lamp in pewter and brass. Sweden, circa 1925
 T-H. Robsjohn-Gibbings. Pair of light American walnut consoles. USA, 1948
2009 - TEFAF Maastricht Design Section
 George Nakashima. Three-drawer desk in walnut and canework. USA, circa 1968
<p>Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm. Pair of oak, natural leather,</p>
<p>bronze and linen fabric folding chairs. Denmark, 1963</p>
 Isamu Noguchi. <em>Neo-lithic, </em>galvanized steel sculpture. USA, 1982
 Magnus Stephensen. Leather and mahogany chair. Denmark, 1937
2008 - Design Miami/Basel
The residence of Mr. & Mrs. Paul László, Brentwood, California
 Paul László. Turquoise lacquered wood desk. USA, circa 1955
 Paul László. Lounge seat with stell-strip structure. USA, 1953
 Paul László & F.F. Kern. Coffee table in lacquered wood and lucite. USA, 1952
<p>Paul László. Lounge table in dark mahogany, top decorated with brass strips.</p>
<p>USA, circa 1950</p>
2008 - Paul László
<p>Frank Lloyd Wright. <em>Peacock</em>, oak and moleskine chair,</p>
<p>designed for the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo in 1922</p>
<p>Frank Lloyd Wright. Library table in cypress designed for the Suntop Homes,</p>
<p>Pennsylvania, USA, 1938</p>
 James Mont. Sanded cypress table. USA, circa 1948
 Paavo Tynell. Floor lamp in brass, rattan and wicker. Finland, circa 1949-50
2008 - FIAC Paris Secteur Design
<p>Ernest Boiceau. <em>Cupidon</em>, sketch for a rug design. China ink and gouache.</p>
<p>France, circa 1928</p>
 Sigurd Persson. Pair of silver candlesticks. Sweden, 1963
 Ernest Boiceau. Two-door cabinet. France 1928
 T-H. Robsjohn-Gibbings. <em>Mesa</em>, large dark oak coffee table. USA, 1949
<p>James Mont. Lamp in white painted wood, silk fringed shade. USA, circa 1950</p>
 Frits Henningsen. Armchair in oak and leather. Denmark, circa 1935
2007 - Collection 12
 Marcel Breuer. Nickel-plated and patinated steel candle holders. Germany, 1961
 Edward Wormley. Lacquered wood tables with walnut inlays. USA, 1959
 Frits Henningsen. Oak and leather easy chair. Denmark, circa 1950
 Herbert Matter. Harry Bertoia: abstraction, vintage silver print. USA, 1952
2007 - FIAC Paris Secteur Design
<p>Paul László. Pair of lamps made of mother-of-pearl and metal, silk shades.</p>
<p>USA, 1952</p>
 Arne Vodder. Solid teak chaise longue. Denmark, 1951
 Paul László. Black varnished biomorphic table with white leather top. USA, 1950
 Paavo Tynell. Copper vase. Finland, 1948
 Gio Ponti. Fantastic statuette in enameled terracotta. Italy, 1950
2006 - Collection 11
Round room decorated with patinated metal at Pierre Yovanovitch´s apartment
 Axel Einar Hjorth. Console and wall mirror in red lacquered wood. Sweden, 1929
 Axel Einar Hjorth. Table in birch and engraved pewter. Sweden, 1929
<p>Axel Einar Hjorth. Table in sycamore, ebony, zebrano wood and jacaranda.</p>
<p>Sweden, 1930</p>
 Axel Einar Hjorth. <em>Caesar,</em> chair and table, detail. Sweden, 1929
2006 - Axel Einar Hjorth at Interior Designer Pierre Yovanovitch´s apartment
 Paul László. Large scale table in sycamore and ash wood. USA, 1957
2006 - FIAC Paris Secteur Design
 Harry Bertoia. <em>Puzzle-Part,</em> gong, mobile sculpture in bronze. USA, 1970
 Paavo Tynell. Pair of copper sconces. Finland, 1950
 Hans Wegner. Chair in oak, leather and aluminium. Denmark, 1957
 Frank Lloyd Wright. Oxydized copper table designed for the Price Tower. USA, 1956
2005 - FIAC Paris Secteur Design
 Sanded and limed oak coffee table with a red leather top. USA, 1946
 Brown oak large settee upholstered in woven grey-purple wool. USA, 1948
2004 - James Mont
 T-H. Robsjohn-Gibbings.  <em>Mesa</em>, large freeform low table. USA, 1949
 Isamu Noguchi. <em>Root and Stem</em>, galvanized steel sculpture. USA, 1982
 Frank Lloyd Wright. Pair of stools in oak and wool velvet. USA, 1937
2004 - FIAC Paris Secteur Design
 Cecil Beaton. David Hockney in Los Angeles, vintage silver print. UK, 1969
 James Mont. Lounge chairs in white leatherette. USA, 1955
<p>Oswald Haerdtl. Small piece of furniture in white-painted wood decorated</p>
<p>with a polychrome floral composition. Austria, 1940</p>
<p>Sigvard Bernadotte. Hand-woven mixed technique wool carpet.</p>
<p>Sweden, circa 1945</p>
2003 - Collection 10
 Axel Einar Hjorth. Console and mirror in red and gold lacquer. Sweden, circa 1925
 Frits Henningsen. Sofa in red leather and oak. Denmark, 1945-1950
 George Nakashima. American walnut illuminated sculpture. USA, 1960<br /> Frits Henningsen. Black leather and oak freeform armchair. Denmark, 1950
2003 - Salon du XXe siècle
 Einar Utzon-Frank.<em> Artemis</em>, bronze sculpture. 1920
<p>Kay Fisker. Pair of giant armchairs in undyed leather designed for the Danish Pavilion</p>
<p>at the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 1925</p>
 Kay Bojesen. Silver dish supported by two elephants in silver. 1930
 Frits Henningsen. Pair of stools in walnut and leather. Circa 1940
 Jean-René Gauguin. Urn in “ceramic rock” topped by a lion. 1930
 Finn Juhl. Ash wood armchair with brown wool fabric. 1950
2002 - Danish Decorative Arts
<p>Knut Hallgren. Bronze, brass and engraved glass by Orrefors.</p>
<p>Sweden, circa 1920</p>
 Folke Bensow. Pair of stools in cast-aluminium and oak. Sweden, 1924
 Williams Haines. Pair of floor lamps in oak and aluminium. USA, 1950
2002 - Salon du XXe siècle
 Thorvald Olsen. Jardinière in silver and ebony. Denmark, 1939
 Gino Levi-Montalcini. Table in walnut, boxwood and bronze. Italy, circa 1930
 Gerhard Schliepstein. Six blue-grey and gold lacquer chairs. Germany, 1924
 Märta Maas-Fjetterström.  <em>Pompeii,</em> wool carpet. Sweden,  1939
 Arttu Brummer. Oak and ebony desk. Finland, circa 1928
2001 - Collection 9
 <em>Hermes</em>, pair of torchères in sycamore and bronze. Casa Encantada. USA, 1937
 Maynard L. Parker. <em>Casa Encantada</em>, vintage photograh. USA, 1937
 Pair of sycamore, maple and gilt brass torchères with three carved doves.<br /> Casa Encantada. USA, 1937
 Pair of armchairs in light mahogany and handwoven wool fabric. USA, circa 1940
 Light walnut four-door cabinet. USA, 1946-1947
2000 - Terence Harold Robsjohn-Gibbings
 Kametaro Kawasaki. Surrealist photograph. Japan, 1935
 H.J Winkelman. Bronze lamp, parchment shade. Netherlands, 1920
 Kaare Klint. Six-drawer oak desk. Denmark, 1930
<p>Thomas Theodor Heine. <em>A walk in the Deer Park</em>, oil on canvas.</p>
<p>Germany, 1917</p>
<p>Wojciech Jastrzebowski. Pair of alabaster and bronze wall lamps designed for the Polish Pavilion</p>
<p>at the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 1925</p>
1999 - Collection 8
<p>Tyra Lundgren. Enameled terracotta urn designed for the</p>
<p>Stockholm Exhibition in 1930</p>
<p>Uno Ahrén. Brazilian rosewood and silk chaise longue designed for the Swedish Pavilion</p>
<p>at the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 1925</p>
 Björn Trägardh. Table in white painted wood with gilt pewter top. 1930
 Märta Määs-Fjetterström. <em>Greek Key</em>, knotted stitch wool carpet. 1935
 Elis Bergh. Silver-plated chandelier. 1923
1998 - Swedish Grace
 Marc du Plantier. Gilt iron and leather stool. France, 1938
<p>T-H. Robsjohn-Gibbings. Pair of torchères in stained birch and gilt bronze.</p>
<p>USA, 1937</p>
 Axel Einar Hjorth. Table in rosewood, birch and pewter. Sweden, 1929
 Otto Hitzberger. Stained lime wood sculpted chandelier. Germany,  1922
1997 - Collection 7
 Lewis Morris Rutherfurd. Photograph of the moon. Albumen print. USA, 1865
 Emil Fahrenkamp. Bronze chandelier. Germany, 1922
 André Arbus. Sycamore bed. France, 1947
 Barbro Nilsson. <em>Wild Strawberries</em>, handwoven wool carpet. Sweden, 1946
1996 - Collection 6
 Swedish Pavilion. Exposition des Arts Décoratifs de Paris. 1925
<p>Johannes Dahl. Sundial in cast-iron and gilt copper.</p>
<p>Sweden, 1921</p>
 Folke Bensow. Cast-iron and marble table. Sweden, 1924
 Olof Hult. <em>Mikrokosmos</em>, pair of gilt cast-iron bowls. Sweden, 1922
 Ivar Johnsson. <em>Urn of Venus</em>, pair of cast-iron urns. Sweden, 1919
 Folke Bensow. Pair of cast-iron stools. Sweden, 1924
1996 - Näfveqvarn
 Ernest Boiceau. <em>Shells and Corals, </em>Cornély stitch wool carpet. France, 1928
 Jean-Michel Frank. Oak and canework two-door cabinet. France, 1937
 José-Maria Sert. Oil on canvas and white gold leaf. France, 1924
 Ernest Boiceau.<em> Tulips,</em> Cornély stitch wool carpet. France, 1929
1995 - Collection 5
 Estrid Ericsson. Gilt-pewter and rock crystal sunflower. Sweden, 1944
 André Arbus. Desk and armchair in sycamore, bronze and leather. France, 1949
<p>Leonor Fini. <em>Painting</em> and <em>Architecture</em>, two oils on canvas created for the opening</p>
<p>of the Leo Castelli gallery, place Vendôme. France, 1939</p>
 Axel Einar Hjorth. Solid oak table. Sweden, 1929-1930
 Gunnar Asplund. White and grey painted wood and canework chair. Sweden, 1921
1994 - Collection 4
<p>André Arbus. Coffer in shagreen, silver-plated bronze fishes by Hubert Yencesse.</p>
<p>France, 1935</p>
 Ernest Boiceau. Amboyna and ebony table. France, 1929
 Henri Gonse. Aubusson carpet. France, 1949
 Jacques Quinet. Oak suite upholstered with Aubusson tapestry. France, 1942
1992 - Collection 3
 Angus Mac Bean. « Tamara Toumanova », vintage silver print. UK, 1938
<p>Carl Hörvik. Long sofa in oak, wood marquetry and canework designed for the</p>
<p>Swedish Pavilion at the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 1925.</p>
<p>Sweden, 1925</p>
 Christian Bérard. Oil on canvas created for the Jean-Michel Frank gallery. France, 1935
 Jean-Michel Frank. Table in bronze with a top in red velvet. France, 1936
1991 - Collection 2
<p>Jean-Michel Frank. Seven-drawer desk and chair in blackened pear tree wood.</p>
<p>France, 1935</p>
 Edwyn Lutyens. Patinated brass and blue molten glass chandelier. UK, 1923
<p>Pauly & Francesconi. “Venice”, blue-tinted blowed glass and pewter urn.</p>
<p>Italy, 1939</p>
<p>Axel Einar Hjorth. Set of furniture in birch and pewter designed for the Swedish Pavilion</p>
<p>of the Barcelona Exhibition. Sweden, 1929</p>
 Cecil Beaton. Ruth Ford dressed in Schiaparelli, vintage print. UK, 1935
1990 - Collection 1
 Dagobert Peche. Brass urn. Austria, 1923
 Jacques Adnet & Gilbert Poillerat. Table in oak and wrought iron. France, 1945
 Ernest Boiceau. <em>Parrots</em>, Cornély stitch wool carpet. France, 1927
 René Drouet. Secretaire in limed oak and parchment. France, 1946
 Carl Halier & Knud Andersen. Enameled porcelain and bronze. Denmark, 1939
1989 - 10 ans/10 years
 Secretaire in parchment, tortoiseshell and ivory. France, 1937
 Sycamore console, bronze masks by Vadime Androusow. France, 1947
 Pair of sycamore armchairs. France, 1949
<p>Drawing board in bronze and cherry wood designed for the exhibition « Le Génie de Paris ».</p>
<p>France, 1952</p>
<p>Table in bronze and cherry wood designed for the exhibition « Le Génie de Paris ».</p>
<p>France, 1952</p>
1987 - André Arbus
 Carlo Bugatti. Walnut and parchment chair. 1925
 Carlo Mollino. <em>Vento</em>, vintage print. Turin, 1942
 Umberto Bellotto. Hammered iron ship. Venice, 1915
1986 - Italian Artists (1900-1950)
 Cornély stitch wool carpet and armchair in oak of Tasmania. France, 1929
 Bed in white maple and amaranth. France, 1931
 Urn in marble and gilt bronze. France, 1929
 Amboyna screen with trimmings and amboyna and ebony table. France, 1929
 Pair of cabinets and Cornély stitch rug. France, 1930 and 1928
1982 - Ernest Boiceau
 Man Ray. Jean-Michel Frank portrait, vintage print. France, 1927
<p>Alberto Giacometti. Gilt plaster lamp depicting an antique mask designed</p>
<p>for Jean-Michel Frank. France, 1935</p>
 Low table in shagreen. France, 1930
 Pair of armchairs in sheepskin and sycamore. France, 1936
<p>Alberto Giacometti. Sandstone vase with a plaster glaze designed for Jean-Michel Frank.</p>
<p>France, 1930</p>
 Blackened lime wood table. France, 1934
1980 - Jean-Michel Frank